Welcome to the training site for the ARRISA-UK study, which will determine whether identifying patients at-risk of a severe (potentially fatal) asthma exacerbation, flagging their primary care records and training all practice staff about the systematic management of these patients will reduce crisis asthma events such as hospitalisation, A&E attendance or asthma related deaths.

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What is the Study?
Why are we doing this?
What do we know?
What is the ARRISA approach?
What will we find?

What is the Study?

A Health Technology Assessment funded cluster randomised controlled trial of 262 practices (nearly 10000 at-risk asthma patients) with outcomes assessed after 12 months by analysing routine data.


Control Practices: This training will be available to you at the end of the study

If you are not yet registered with the ARRISA-UK trial, but wish to know more about the study, please contact the study team to request more information or visit the ARRISA-UK website.